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Examination Disappointment: How to Support Your Child

Bad test results don't have to be the end of the road for your child. Thankfully, there are ways you can respond to underperformance which will help your child to thrive. This article will explore some of the things you should and should not do when your child fails an exam. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Things to avoid

Avoid shaming and blaming the school

Although your emotions may be running high, you should do everything you can to avoid blaming your child for their poor test scores. It is highly likely that your child will be feeling pretty bad about themselves anyway and the last thing they need is a parent who makes them feel worse. Shaming and blaming your child is likely to discourage them from their future studies. 

Avoid blaming the school

While it can be tempting to blame the school for your child's poor exam performance, in reality, all this does is let your child off the hook. If everything can be explained away by talking about inadequate teaching methods, then your kid will never need to address any deficiencies in their own learning process. If you have genuine concerns about the school your child attends, you should raise them with the local authority. But you also need to make sure you hold your kid to account.

Things to do

Hire a tutor

If your child is struggling with a particular subject, you should seriously consider hiring a private tutor who can help them to get up to speed on a certain subject. While it is highly likely that a kid will be resistant to the idea of studying outside of school, this type of private intensive coaching could help them to excel at a subject in which they previously struggled. A tutor will assess the level at which your child at before working with them to develop their skills and confidence so they can move onwards and upwards. When searching for a private tutor, it is typically best to approach a company which offers accredited tutoring services. Consider looking for a local tutoring service

Consider a resit

If your child has only just missed out on the grade they want or need, you may want to consider booking them in for a resit so they can have another go at the exam immediately. A resit may provide your child with the opportunity to bounce back from their disappointment. 

If you are interested in finding out more, you should make contact with an educational tutoring company today.