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Trending Storybook Themes For Your Early Literacy Program

The pressure to constantly provide new content and educational experiences can be a real struggle for many daycare providers. Using a relevant, carefully chosen theme to guide your early literacy program is a great way to help yourself as an educator, while presenting a cohesive set of learning materials. Take a look at these trending storybook themes to get inspired.


Adding more gratitude to your day can lead to a range of benefits for all ages, giving a boost to your mood, resilience, sleep and positive outlook. Gratitude can be a challenging concept for little ones to pick up, so repetition and reinforcement through story is a really helpful tool. Observing gratitude and empathy in action through narrative can help younger children appreciate that actions have consequences. There are a lot of picture books that contain grateful characters and empathetic storylines, so take a look on your own bookshelf for inspiration. To extend the gratitude theme, try integrating thoughtfulness into your daycare group's schedule by starting a gratitude jar together or guiding a daily gratitude reflection together during group time.


Not just a trending buzzword, resilience really is about arming children with useful tools to help them face the challenges that daily life presents. The outcomes for both children and adults with increased resilience include a range of mental health benefits. Introducing resilience as a concept early through story is a great way to help your daycare children learn and practice resilience. Try choosing books that have brave or courageous characters or show a child who manages their emotions in a difficult situation.


Celebrating race, diversity and community is a vital part of the Australian education system. As indigenous cultures often rely on oral language, the theme of reconciliation offers a range of learning opportunities for younger children through storytelling. This theme is perfect for aligning with significant dates, such as National Reconciliation Week, National Sorry Day, or NAIDOC week. Support your daycare group's learning around this theme by listening to some indigenous language songs or visiting a local indigenous landmark. Depending on your location, you may be able to find an indigenous picture book written in your local Aboriginal community's language. Check out your public library's local history section for more information in your area.

Stock up on the latest picture books by taking your daycare group on an excursion to your local library. Many libraries also offer a range of digital resources suitable for all ages, so it's a great way to level-up your early literacy program without blowing the budget.

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